Residential Development

Significant real estate planning and development requires extensive experience; exceptional design and market sensibilities; and extremely high standards of quality, taste, and execution.

The principals of SAS Investors have cultivated a proven track record of development success throughout the Greater Tokyo Metropolitan Area. Over the past 20 years, its principals are responsible for developing over JPY 160 billion of residential assets in Japan.

With pricing for existing residential assets reflecting a premium to replacement costs, there is the opportunity to selectively develop new residential assets. SAS Investors has a very focused strategy targeting submarkets where demand is not being met by local developers.

Design is a key component to SAS Investors’ developments providing buyers and tenants with a better product at comparable pricing.
Residential Development

Japan Seniors Housing

Japan is the first country in the world to be dubbed a “super-aged” society, with 1 in 4 people over age 65. Japan is projected to see its over-85 cohort more than double by 2035, driving unrelenting demand for seniors housing.


Capbridge Investors is a leader in the Japan seniors housing sector.

The team’s extensive investment track record in seniors housing includes acquisition by sale-and-leaseback, build-to-suit development, and corporate restructuring of senior living operators.

Capbridge Investors

Japan Multifamily

Japan’s continued urbanization, decreasing household sizes,  and high propensity to rent in its largest cities  underpin consistently high occupancies and low rent volatility, making multifamily residential one of Japan’s most resilient asset classes.


The Managing Partners of Capbridge Investors are some of the most experienced professionals in Japan’s multifamily residential market, having acquired or developed over 8,000 units in Japan’s major cities.

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Capbridge Investors