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Based in Tokyo, SAS Investors is a real estate investment firm and registered investment adviser specializing in the Japanese real estate market. The principals each average over 22 years’ experience in the Japanese market and are some of the more prolific dealmakers with over JPY 2.0 trillion (US$20 billion) of closed transactions since 1999.

Investment activities have included separate account mandates and real estate private equity funds; core to opportunistic return strategies; acquisition of existing assets, corporate sale-leasebacks, forward commitments, renovation, asset repositioning, and development.

The firm develops investment programs in conjunction with its client’s strategies and investment criteria. Through this research-based approach, SAS Investors provides its clients with turnkey sourcing, acquisition and asset management services supported by real-time market intelligence.

SAS Investors formally integrates the consideration of material environmental, social and governance (“ESG”) risks and opportunities into the conduct of its business, including the investment operations.

SAS Investors has an established track record in Japan of enhancing capital value by maintaining an active management focus throughout the entire real estate investment cycle.

The firm operates under a merchant banking business model whereby its teams originate, underwrite, structure, finance, and operate both hard asset and entity-level investments with a select group of aligned investment partners.

The firm provides real estate asset management and acquisition advisory services to institutional investors and lenders. These services include:

  • Identification of real estate investment opportunities matching pre-defined client investment criteria.
  • Deal, counterparty, and contract negotiation on behalf of clients.
  • Transaction management of all phases of the acquisition process, due diligence, and closing.
  • Ongoing third-party real estate asset management
    • Asset, portfolio, entity level business and operating plans – yearly and/or quarterly as required by the investment.
    • Portfolio repositioning by redefining the strategy based on current market dynamics and asset analysis to maximize exit value through disposition, renovation, and/or recapitalization.
    • International standard reporting with detailed variance clarification measured against initial underwriting and business plans.

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Japan Seniors Housing

Japan is the first country in the world to be dubbed a “super-aged” society, with 1 in 4 people over age 65. Japan is projected to see its over-85 cohort more than double by 2035, driving unrelenting demand for seniors housing.


Capbridge Investors is a leader in the Japan seniors housing sector.

The team’s extensive investment track record in seniors housing includes acquisition by sale-and-leaseback, build-to-suit development, and corporate restructuring of senior living operators.

Capbridge Investors

Japan Multifamily

Japan’s continued urbanization, decreasing household sizes,  and high propensity to rent in its largest cities  underpin consistently high occupancies and low rent volatility, making multifamily residential one of Japan’s most resilient asset classes.


The Managing Partners of Capbridge Investors are some of the most experienced professionals in Japan’s multifamily residential market, having acquired or developed over 8,000 units in Japan’s major cities.

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Capbridge Investors