Identifying Possible Clients

Identifying Possible Clients

Sourcing Criteria

Our sourcing criteria continues to evolve but in general we are focusing on companies with local decision-making authority for assets in Japan.  This  includes private equity, mid-to-large seized Japanese firms and MNCs operating in the Japanese market.

Our research looks for management which we believe, based upon recent corporate initiatives, would be is open to consider alternative financing solutions. Our sourcing includes direct contact with companies that we have identified; contacting private equity firms that have acquired target companies; and accounting and consulting firms.

Target Size

  • Annual revenue: USD$400M+
  • Real estate holdings: USD$150M+

Screening criteria

  • Segment business model is negatively impacted by the economic contraction and is under stress
  • Debt loading is higher than segment competitors
  • Corporate liquidity lags segment competitors
  • Flat revenue with need to manage earnings
Sourcing Criteria