About Us

Unlocking Liquidity in Real Estate

Strategic Asset Solutions (“SAS”) is a dedicated platform to provide corporations, both domestic and MNC’s operating in Japan with real estate and financial alternatives including sale leaseback transactions. A subsidiary of Capbridge Group, SAS offers a multidisciplinary approach focusing on industrial-related companies owning warehouses, distribution centers, R&D facilities, factories and office buildings.

Strategic Asset Solutions provides companies with real estate and financial alternatives to raise funds, increase earnings and enhance liquidity by freeing capital tied up in large real estate holdings. The company extracts 100% of the property’s value while maintaining full operational control.

Strategic Asset Solutions unique multidisciplinary approach can create value for companies by providing a wide range of solutions on a local, regional and global basis.

The scope of our solutions include but are not limited to

Sale Leaseback Transactions
Generate liquidity and access value locked up in low returning real estate, utilizing multiple capital sources and creative structuring options

Monetizing Underutilized Real Estate
Access value locked up in outdated legacy assets and unused land holdings by repurposing and retooling assets or outright sale

Build to Suit Development
Co create next generation real estate, partnering from site selection to design and development, leveraging expertise to create leading corporate assets

Benefits of a Sale / Leaseback


Monetizing assets to raise capital is not the only benefit of a sale leaseback
Raise capital by monetizing fixed assets
  • Obtain working and investment capital
  • Enhance liquidity through realization of hidden reserves at increased values

Capital efficiency

  • Efficient use of capital embedded in fixed assets
  • Obtain market value of real estate unrealized on balance sheet
  • Supplement existing sources of financing

Improve balance sheet

  • Increase and manage earnings
  • Enhance shareholder value
  • Improve financial ratios in comparison to peer competitors

Convert from ‘fixed assets’ to ‘leased assets’

  • Accelerated depreciation over the term of the lease
  • Lease payments are tax deductible
  • Increase transparency of real estate-related costs

Maintain full operational control

  • Lease structure allows seller to maintain operational control
  • “Right-size” your real estate portfolio

Reduce real estate ownership / operating expenses

  • Flexibility of leasing and certainty of recurring expenses
  • Offload responsibilities of real estate ownership